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    IWA Biofilms 2019 Conference: Biofilms and their interaction with surfaces

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    The Congress will aim to provide a meeting point for scientists from all countries to present their most recent data and to exchange novel information on basic and applied aspects of microbial biofilms and their interactions with surfaces. Since this is the first time this conference is held in South America, we also expect to gather Latin-American scientists and industrial companies working on biofilm topics, by promoting the generation of future biofilm related activities and collaboration projects involving South American and world partners. We expect to include topics relevant to South America, such as mining, water sanitation, infrastructure, and health.

    We expect to be able to combine presentations on fundamental and applied research in order to create a discussion forum among different stakeholders, including Administration, Companies and Research Centres.

    Thus, we think that it would be a great opportunity for your company to present their latest scientific and technological advances in this area.

    Also, we hope that you are interested in the Sponsorship and Exhibition opportunities available for this Congress to promote and disseminate your company’s profile. Please find the information below about the different options for sponsorship.

    Don’t hesitate in contacting us for any additional query or suggestion.

    Yours sincerely,

    Gonzalo E. Pizarro                                         Mario Vera
    Organising Committee                                 Scientific Committee

    Sponsorship and Exhibition opportunities for Biofilms 2019

    Two Platinum, 4 Gold and 24 Silver sponsorships are available, including all of them the printing of its logotype in the book of abstracts.

    The sponsorship of the welcome reception and the gala dinner will be acknowledged at the beginning of the ceremonies as well as printed on the program. The sponsor has the possibility of handing out promotional material during the event, being these costs assumed by the company.


    Sponsorships mode

    (2) Platinum

    (3) Gold

    (1) Gold

    (24) Silver


    Sponsorships conditions

    Welcome reception/Gala dinner

     Costs (in US Dollars)
     Prominent fixed position of the logotype on the Congress website, including hyperlink
     Rotational logotype on the Congress website
     Printing of logotypes on congress banners

    All main banners

    Inside the conference room during the whole day


    Inside the conference room during the whole session

     Exhibition booth

    (5 × 3 m)

    (5 × 3 m)

    (5 × 3 m)

    (4 × 2 m)

    (4 × 2 m)

     Sponsor Welcome reception/Gala dinner
     Logotype on pen-drives
     Advertisement inside the book of abstracts (pgs)
     Logotype in the book of abstracts (position)

    Cover page

    Back cover

    Back cover



     Free registrations, including gala dinner
     Inclusion of company brochure (2 A4 sheets) in the official congress bag
     Organization of a technical session and availability of a VIP room


    For additional information please contact with María José Evans by email or phone (+56) 22 354 4227.